Toni & Guy

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Bergamo, via Torquato Tasso 90

The world-famous London hairdressers, dominating the market far the last 40 years. Founded by four Italian brothers from the Mascolo family: Toni, Guy, Bruno and Anthony. In 1970 they began a photo advertising campaign. By 2002, they had opened aver 350 salons around the world, and had 15 hairdressing academies. The same year, Sacha Mascolo, a third generation hair dresser, was awarded the best hair dresser of the year. With continuing innovations including an internal satellite chanel.

In Italy, Toni and Guy are in Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Caserta, Como, Florence, Gorizia, Milan, Modena…  and in Bergamo, they chose Bohémien, designed by Terri Pecora for Simas.