Revel scalo d’Isola

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Milano, via Tahon de Revel 3

A deposit for wine barrels at the beginning of the 20th century and evolving in the Sixties into storage space for haute culture fabrics, Revel Scalo d’Isola now functions as a totally multicultural setting, a hot spot in the heart of the historic Isola district of Milan, uniting art, fashion, theatre, cultural events and food.

Three floors – one slightly beneath street level, a ground floor and a raised first floor. Restaurant with a “made to measure” menu and open bill plan kitchen, a studio setting. Two private rooms which give onto the kitchen space. One smalller room ‘au petite cheminee’, next to the restaurant which accommodates up to 12.

On the upper floor, a room ‘au grande cheminee’, juggling historic and contemporary features, and hosting up to twenty four and looks onto the green terrace, dominating the ample courtyard which is complete with a bar-café and a century-old grape vine.

A space for events, which can be adapted to individual needs, for presentations, meetings, parties or as a show room. An art gallery, with an allencompassing series of cultural exhibits ranging from photography, paintings, video-installations. The theater, an intimate space, perfectly suited for conferences, seminars and team-building.

Four bathrooms, all fitted with Simas in the collections: Bohémien, Arcade, Gate, Impronte.