Design VS Classics

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Simas Aqua Space. For interiors, free flowing, aqueous. A catalogue which inspires, enarmous and makes Iets the world known what Simas is about.

The essence of a company is in its products. Two major categories of products define the Simas collection design and classics. Design (Duelìlasette, OH, Bohémien, Flow, Frozen, LFTspazio, Impronte). More than collections, Simas is architectural design for the pleasure of bathroom interiors. For a style of Iiving with a full range of expression in furnishings and interior Iiving spaces. Classic (Arcade and Londra). Classic is that which is free from the shackles of time. For whomever continues to appreciate beauty and hence never grows old. A wide reaching, high quality catalogue to meet a|| kinds of needs. From basic to aristocratìc. From the Ioft products to boutique furnishings. Common denominators: top quality materials and the best of made in italy. For furnishing open spaces with the freedom of water. That’s the idea which Simas transforms into real objects. With the daily challenge of finding everyday solutions, our designers are fully on top of changes in taste and style, and it is they who are setting trends because they know how to foresee both individual needs and changes in the market. Inspired creativity Iinked to top notch marketing. A precise identìty and a coordinated image which addresses everything from the choice of products to the graphic design of the company, global communication strategies, coherence, completeness and uniformity. Always with an eye for new olutions. To Iet the world know about Simas, to enamour, to inspire.