Contemporary living

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Three houses, three different styles, all contemporary. Simas presents a new-take on interiors and architecture in three different variations, eliminating some of the traditional barriers separating interiors from the outside world.

Fully integrated interiors without walls,with expansive views onto the exterior: the classic concept of living space divided in separate rooms is by now a thing of the past. Modern living in an open plan house, in which nature is an integral part of the ambìance, in which a bathroom space is ample and stylistically refined in every detail, in which living and cookìng are united in a social meeting ground, in which the interior and exterior are juxtaposed, harmoniously united and fully integrated. Simas was chosen to furnish four bathrooms in three houses set in the rolling green hills around Piacenza. Three houses with very different and distinct character, aII strong and uniquely charismatic, each in their own right. Each bathroom has been specially designed to reflect and compliment the home, incarnating the sprit and accentuating the personality of the owner. Internal furnishings are uniquely integrated within the architectural context. And each architectural setting fully complìments the surround Iandscape. From the 1950s Californian style of the bungalow-villa in wood and glass designed by architect Nicholas Berwick, to the classic ltalian farmhouse awned by Enrico Fusco and Simona Orsini and renovated by architect Filippo Paglianì, to the popcoloured apartment interiors designed by Geert Koster. Three different stories. Three different styles, United in their contemporary vision. And – for aII three – Simas: the perfect choice.

Lush green envelops Nicholas Berwick’s Iounge house. Glass and timber frame domestic interiors which are inundated with natural Iight. The vìbrant exterior is as much a part of the furnishings of the house as are the design objects contaìned within the glass walls. The grass-covered roof integrates the structure within the surrounding environment, effectively merging the house with the harmonious andscape. Two bathrooms, both quintessentially Simas. ln the first, a black Bisazza mosaici s marche with the Frozen collection: reating a warm substantially masculine atmosphere. In the second bathroom, the Bohèmien collection is matched with elements of historic design, with a chair in ìron and wood by Charles Eames, and soft Parka tiles by Dom Ceramiche. An unequivocally and essentially feminine bathroom experience.

A contemporary cutting-edge stance has been taken by Filippo Pagliani for the rural home owned by Enrico Fusco and Simona Orsini. The original brick-faced structure has been revived with cement flooring and ultra-modern columns stretching from floor to ceiling. For the bath, an amply lit space, Simas’ OH collection, installed in an eclectic interpretation with essentially ethnic elements.

Strong and bright colours are used for the invocation of an absolutely pop atmosphere: this, the interiors designed by Geert Koster. Unfinished wooden floors, exposed beams, painted walls and a space filled with colourful objects from around the globe, giving the interior an artistic and completely creative feeling.
Duemilasette, a part of the Simas collection, used here almost as a sculpture in a room which hardly feels like bath, where books, paintings and coloured pop objects abound.