Simas in the “literary toilet” of the castle

Reading in the bathroom is an ancient and consolidated habit. Doing it in a public place is definitely unusual. But it happens ..., as in "Quel Castello di Diegaro", a reference point for gastronomy and hospitality of Romagna, an exclusive restaurant in an ancient manor restored to its original splendor, and also a meeting place for famous patrons of the musical world, sporting, cinematographic and theatrical, who choose this particular "courtyard kitchen" with only seasonal raw materials and almost homemade flavors.

The meticulous and careful research of the owner Lorenzo Illotta is also expressed in the most intimate corner of the restaurant, with the idea of proposing a "literary toilet", a decision born from the desire to transform the toilet into a space-other, dedicated to lovers of reading. A special and reserved place where you can consult the available collection of books, choose one of the various titles and, if you wish, borrow it. In this context of undoubted originality, in the literary toilet could not miss the decidedly vintage appeal of the Evolution by Simas washbasin, signed by Terri Pecora, with a specific reference to the antique in the double border on the strips of the elements and a robust design with a semi-shape squared that preserves functionality, characteristics, charm, quality and aesthetics to refer to pieces that have acquired qualities of unrepeatability over time. And that's how Evolution by Simas marries culture in the bathroom.