SIMAS in the bistrot of Cagliari old town

A bistrot motel, with rooms at the upper floor, and with a wide roof from which you can enjoy the Cagliari Old Town. AL SALE is a fascinating dwelling in the heart of the city, located in one of the most historical neighborhoods in Cagliari, which combine the atmosphere of a private house to all the comforts of the Hotel. The building recovery, the furnishing of the spaces in common, of the rooms and of the bistrot have been curated by the Arch. Adolfo Virdis, with the introduction of a selection of vintage items from the antiques markets, which donates a great care touch to the whole concept. For the bistrot bathroom have been selected the wall hung basin from EVOLUTION collection and the close-coupled rimless WC with floor outlet from the collection VIGNONI, both by SIMAS. Two collections 100% made in Italy by SIMAS, granted by the trademark “Ceramics of Italy”.

EVOLUTION, collection designed by Terri Pecora, with a strong and robust design, which characterized the sanitary wares at the beginning of last century, with a double edge on the basin bands, suitable for a vintage location also. VIGNONI, with an extremely contemporary cut, with dimensions a bit bigger than the usual, designed by SIMAS technical department. All the WC are rimless, for an easier and significant cleaning. The toilet and the bidet back to wall with an height of 50 cm are incredibly appropriate for the “differently-young” people.