simas piazza duomo milan

SIMAS in piazza Duomo, in Milan.“OH” in the “toilet/non-toilet” ofthe Swan Room “non-bedroom”,the elegance of Simone Micheli’s swan in the new all-Italian 7-star hotel.

In the heart of the new “Milano da bere” (“cocktailcrowd Milan”), the TownHouse Duomo 21 by

SevenStars was born, an international luxury hotel with Italian-made project and interior design, located at number 21, beneath the arcade. Fourteen suites, 12 of which have a private balcony overlooking one of Italy’s most fascinating cathedrals, all personalised by renowned Italian architects such as Jacopo della Fontana D2U, Agostino Danilo Reale, Giovanni Fiorito, Maison Mamì Design by Luigi Ciccarelli, Massimiliano Mandarini, Massimo Magaldi, Matteo Fantoni Studio and Simone Micheli. Each suite is exclusive, uniquely designed, with spacious bathrooms using the most innovative materials, the most recent technologies, and the most precious interior design items, made by Italian leading companies and selected to guarantee maximum comfort to its guests. The hotel, a member of the Alessandro Rosso Group, was initially created as headquarters for the World Expo Commissioners Club, an association reserved to the commissioners of the countries that will be participating in the Expo 2015. The entire project was executed under the supervision of Milan’s Superintendence for Architectural Heritage. The operation is part of the refurbishing project for the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele promoted by Palazzo Marino, for the occasion of the Expo 2015. SWAN ROOM by Simone Micheli, suite no. 10 "Is this place a bedroom, a dream or a swan?” And "A man is lucky when he can live in his world in the world”. As soon as you enter, these two orange written pieces immediately explain the roots of the project. An immediate invitation to relax, with a view of the Duomo. The sinuous, smooth shapes of the Swan Room welcome guests, making them feel like the protagonists of a scenario that involves them gently, with the same elegance of the swan that inspired the concept. A dimension made of images, glimpses, dreams and desires that come true. A place suspended between fantasy and reality, where all the elements that characterise the space overlap in a non-conventional fashion.

Lenticular mirrors with mini screens display swan-themed animations. Mirrored furniture duplicates, fragment by fragment, the large swan on the glass wall that creates a threshold for the absolute intimacy of the bathroom area: architecture within architecture.

Here the mosaic stone walls, printed with images of this extraordinary animal, define the area, enhancing the shininess of the mirrors and

the fluid lines that mark the border of the bathroom furniture and sanitaryware. Toilet and bidet of the “OH” collection, designed by Simone Micheli for Simas, a company that has made 100% Italian-made sanitaryware since 1955 and that boasts the “Ceramics of Italy” brand. Simple, elegant, ergonomic, they stand out as sculptures from the warm colour of the parquet floor, with the same clean and essential geometry of the entire room. A bathroom different from the conceptual standards of the past and of the present, perfect for renewed actions-reflections, conceived to become a veritable distributor of emotions. A “bathroom non-bathroom” in a “non-bedroom” that one would never expect to find in Piazza Duomo, in Milan.