SIMAS in a wistful Parisian bathroom. Souvenirs from an Italian summer.

In the city center of Paris, just around the corner of Garnier Opera, we meet an elegant renovation project of a vintage apartment realized by Veronica Arianna (, eclectic milanese architect, who lives and works since many years in the French capital city. The general organization of the living space has been rethought on the basis of a really particular planimetry, it is in fact an apartment with a triangular plan, located in corner building, incredibly bright, with nine windows in just 60 square meters.

The renovation of the bathroom ambient comes from the necessity to create a real bathroom which was not existing from the beginning. As for the most of Parisian apartments, the WC was separated from the rest of the house and located in a small space by two square meters. The bathtub and the basin were located in the bedroom, for a completely open space with any dividing walls. The idea of a continuous space, with no corridors and leaded by the light, gave birth to an Italian project, with WC and bidet, located in the deepest are of the house in order to create a relax space, as refuge from the light. Finishing and colors have been selected to reproduce positive sensations as relax, wellness, protection, freshness and beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Entering the bathroom door, in fact you dive in the blue and white of Amalfi, thanks of the using of the hand-painted majolica, designed by the architect Giò Ponti in the 60’s. The deep and bright blue which dominate both sides of the bathroom has been mixed with the light blue and white on the smaller side, where has been inserted the “patchwork” of the decorations, from geometrical and naturalistic motif by Ponti, which reflect in the mirror on the opposite side, bring back the idea of the infinity which was the aim of Ponti’s decoration research project.

In line with the style of the apartment, of its colors,  and in order to give a contemporary touch to the whole space, the architect found for the bathroom the perfect pair with the collection of ceramic sanitary wares EVOLUTION designed by Terri Pecora for SIMAS, 100% made in Italy and granted by the trademark Ceramics of Italy. The lines soft and resolved of the wall hung basin back to wall sanitary, are combined well with the geometrical drawings of the majolica, realizing a nostalgic recall to the Italian savoir fair.

The elegance and the balance of the selection took by the Architect during the apartment’s restyling give to the project a timeless track.

Architect: Veronica Arianna
Photo: Angelo Chiacchio.