SIMAS boxed

Frozen, the ceramic box par excellence, furnishes the bathroom in the Box House in the centre of Florence

Old recovered ballot boxes, bought at an auction, cover the walls of the residence of the architect Alessandro Capellaro in the heart of Firenze. A business partner of Sabrina Bignami from B-Arch, he has always integrated contemporary language in historical settings. The constant search for the creative aspect of the project has pushed him to redesign a space that was previously a craftsman workshop into an “artfully” designed house space. 

A dyeing shop in the 19th century and a carpentry workshop in the 1950s, it is today a studio which has revisited in a contemporary key that preserves the historical essence of the preceding atmospheres. 

It is an open house, free of conventions and rich in memories, in which the dividing walls have been removed to create broad areas which are full of light, with large windows which reach right up to the ceiling vaults.

Three hundred wooden boxes skilfully placed in the various spaces bring life to the living room, to the kitchen and even to the sofa and the bed, in a meeting of colour between recycled and personal items.

Everyday objects, collected over time, like the operating room lamp which has been elevated to a piece of art, or various objects found in antique markets, and paintings, vases and vintage lamps from his own workshop rub shoulders with genuine Robin Day 1960s chairs, to add the finishing touch to an atmosphere which has a deliberately lived-in feel in a high-level mix and match setting.

A decidedly custom-made project whose bathroom, originally finished in iron, is furnished with the perfectly square bathroom fittings from the Simas Frozen series. These are the only elements not to be either vintage or made by the owner; they boast uncompromising design, with strong and confident lines and precise angles to create a clean and essential geometry. Innovative “ceramic bathroom boxes”, designed by the Simas technical office, which are ideal for the interior of this unusual “Box House”.