Simas blossoms in a Boutique Hotel in the heart of Nice

46 rooms and the botanical universe inspired by the Folies Exotiques, a stone's throw from Nice-Ville station in the heart of the city. A contemporary bonbonnière of a hotel, in a city which grew up when the wealthy bourgeoisie was developing a taste for the exotic, expressed in sumptuous villas with gardens full of trees imported by the explorers of the period: palms, eucalyptus, bananas, bougainvillea. 

This is Villa Bouganville, then, inspired precisely by the pleasure of travel and the figure of Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a well-known 18th century mariner and explorer. The hotel's context was crucial in the development of the interior decor scheme, whose elements are overlapped and combined in the various areas of the building. The guiding principle is to give clients a genuine "exotic travel" experience. And this concept informed the choice of materials, shapes and colours. In the foyer, visual reminders of nature proliferate, with ceiling lights like arrangements of fruit and table lamps in the shape of monkeys. The breakfast room offers a more scientific interpretation of plant life. Lastly, the decor in the rooms, designed with a cumulative approach, mixes different kinds of lamps in metal, wicker and porcelain with luxuriant and colourful graphics on the walls and antique illustrations from herbalists' manuals.
Perfectly in keeping with the mood, the bathrooms exude the charm of bygone days, with Arcade basins and fixtures. Classic style par excellence, timeless in its elegance, resilience and reliability.