SHARP, brings the colors to the office’s bathroom

Obtaining from only one bathroom ambient, around 18 square meters, two separate units who are appropriated for different utilities. It’s a challenge to catch by Luca Cristiano, interior designer, and Tommaso Colella Architect, who are both partners of Render Industry, for the reorganization of the spaces of an office, located in Rome, inside a farmhouse at the ETC (Eur Trade Center), business center placed in Fonte Meravigliosa, just few kilometers far from the Laurentina underground station which welcome many professionals and important companies.

Here has been created a small corridor, across from the ladies bathroom entrance, and the men one on the right side, they made it welcoming by the warm tonality of the American wood, with burned veining used both for the entrance’s doors of the two separate bathrooms and as for the basin’s furniture with extractable drawer. The necessity to enrich two spaces so small made them to choose colored basins, with containing furniture, who gave at the same time personality but functionality as well. The choice was for SHARP, which is a must with the countertop basins by SIMAS, thanks to the incomparable extra thin edge of 3 cm, who won the prestigious mention at ADI Ceramic Design Award, thanks to the High Tech production of the unusual of the vitreous china (mixture for ceramic). From two different tonalities to differentiate the ambient, Prugna Matt Sharp basin for the women’s bathroom and Navy Matt Sharp basin for the men’s bathroom. The rounded and short shape of 42 cm of the basin, made possible to be adapted to the both bathroom necessities, placing in the center for the men toilette and at the corner for the women’s one. The vertical mirrors over the basins permit to the user to detect a greater brightness and largeness for the space. The detail of the identifying icons on the doors, specially-made planned, have been obtained from an iron panel of 4 mm, under laser printing.

SIMAS 100% MADE IN ITALY, decorated by the trademark “Ceramics of Italy”.