Bohemian by SIMAS. A drop of water spreads out over the milanese hinterland

A new concept of living in the country as the fruition of the time that those that choose to live outside the metropolis on a permanent basis, spend in contact with nature and the countryside. It is precisely this dealing with the outdoors that is the essence of this home in the Milanese hinterland. A solution that creates a rapport with the place, adopting an open design approach that expands within the home, right through to the bathrooms.

A highly recognisable mood and lifestyle, even when it came to choosing ceramic sanitary ware from the Bohemian collection, designed for SIMAS by Terri Pecora. There is a mix between an exquisitely artistic matrix and fashion. A play on a drop of water that spreads out, dilates, and creates ellipses.

A flash of creativity that also comes through in the design for the bathrooms, with the use of dividers with a cultural feel to them, which goes well with the Bohemian washbasin and careened toilet and bidet. Almost sculptures that are an integral part of the space.