Terri Pecora, eclectic Californian interior designer naturalized Milanese, and Giancarlo Angelelli, architect essential with his planning research, who lives and works among Milan & Civita Castellana. Two personalities of the design and planning world that during last 20th of May Webinar, assisted by Cristina Schiavon, Simas promoter for the for architectural firms of Milan, have narrated trough a friendly conversation in live streaming their planning experiences, in different periods and in different formative ways, in the earth of Milan the expositive Simas space, producer of ceramic sanitary wares since 1955.  


In 2005 Terri Pecora designed Simas space in Milan

During those years the bathroom field started to open dynamically to the design concept, it started rise from the ranks the bathroom perception as a wellness ambient and it made increasing the need of the producer to talk and to inform the professionals. It is an expositive showroom in liberty area of Milan, with a dedicated promoter, which has shown as a successful decision during the years. A great opportunity for the architects of Milan, for the press, Italian customers and foreign countries customers, who came for the Salone del Mobile that year which exposed the Salone del Bagno, to touch with their hands the whole Simas collection. A precious meeting point, with and high visibility, one of the first in Milan at that time.


Time flies, Simas perfects research and innovation, invests in technological upgrade of the production process, in certifications, with an awake eye for the water consumption, for the environmental sustainability and for the circular economy, in order to offer design products, with and high quality, in line with the European regulations. It grows, in terms of turnover and visibility, in the foreign markets. Simas perfects its connection with design, thanks to the partnership with Terri Pecora as well, who during the years designed many different collections which are still valid, and a business strategy as forerunner and with a great international opening.


A gear change who pass through the restyling of the Milanese space as well, entrusted to the Architect Giancarlo Angelelli in 2019. An open space totally renovated with perspective more organized and more related to the evolution of the company figure, on one floor, where the light as high standing element penetrates across the board from the wide windows, exalting the architectural fascination of the ambient, typical of the old Milanese workshop.

Few and essential expositors, rigorously separated form the walls and the floor, thanks to some planning details, which permit to read the distinction from the company as content and the architecture as container. The meeting point between the company and the architectural space, the history as unconditioned quality recalled by the grey color, unique for the whole ambient and selected in memory of the working places, which belong both to the whole building and of the new expositive space of Simas.

It’s a meeting center addressed to the professionals, which in its new conception is perfect as laboratory for meetings or seminars, with course credit. The updating of the Milanese showroom which coincides with Simas evolution, who enriched its offer with many new basin collections, and since nowadays projects towards a complete bathroom furnishing.