The industry

Industry and ecology

Work process

Simas, which started as a large company driven by expert ceramicists has continued to evolve with two prerogatives: each and every product exclusively made in Italy, and each product exclusively produced within the factory: from the gluing to the glazing, from the firing in the kilns to the bar coding system, with a series of steps beginning with internal administration and finishing with distribution on the market.

SIMAS’ success is based on a series of maxims: shared opinions, team work, trusted leaders, punctual and reliable service during sales and after delivery.

Ambiental respect & sustainability

Saving energy has been a top priority for Simas; for the last fifteen years resources have been carefully maximised during the cycle of production which is highly energetically demanding. At first, driven by the cost of methane fuel, with time energy saving has become an encompassing philosophy, which allows a significant saving for the company on each and every product, and is of direct benefit to the surrounding area. Without a doubt, Sirnas is one of the first companies in the district of Civita Castellana to promote energy saving and environmental awareness.


Since 1997 Simas has been certified for quality by UNI ISO 9001:2008

and since June 2006, environmental certifications: UNI ISO 14001:2004