UNI ISO 9001: 2015 - ISO 9001 is the reference standard for those who want to subject their production process to quality control in a cyclical way, arriving at the monitoring of the whole process / production process. Since 1997 Simas has been certified for quality. www.kiwa.com


UNI ISO 14001: 2015 - The ISO 14001 certification ascertains that the certified organization has an adequate management system to keep the environmental impacts of its activities under control, and systematically seeks improvement in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way. Since June 2006 Simas has made use of environmental certification. www.kiwa.com


UPC - American National Standard, UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code) is a model code developed by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials), to regulate the installation and inspection of hydraulic systems in order to promote public health, safety and well-being. The UPC is developed using the consent development procedures of the American National Standards Institute.

Please visit pld.iapmo.org to display the official certifications, select the category “Listee Name” then digit “Simas”

EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Toilets - Certification for the United States and Canada, which meets the EPA criteria for reducing water consumption and performance.


Watermark - Certification for the marketing of products in Australia and New Zealand. Products that are part of hydraulic conduction systems: WC, faucets, pipes, valves, thermostatic faucets, fittings..etc.