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Design Terri Pecora

An expanding droplet of water, elliptical

An expandending droplet of water, flowing elliptical. A ‘boutique’ range. With hints of 1920’s Art Decò, at the same time reminiscent of the exquisite allure of Brancusi: absolute shapes, abstraction...The perfect melange of a refined artistic matrix and material fashion. A creative image, soft cultural and totally functional. A high-end top quality product, equally suited to public spaces and with in the home.



Counter top or wall hung Washbasin 50 BO 10

BO 10

Counter top or wall hung Washbasin 50

Counter top or wall hung washbasin 60 BO 11

BO 11

Counter top or wall hung washbasin 60

Counter top Washbasin 76 BO 12

BO 12

Counter top Washbasin 76

Counter top Console 80 BO 13

BO 13

Counter top Console 80

Counter top Console 100 BO 14

BO 14

Counter top Console 100

WC - Bidet

Back to wall WC BO 01

BO 01

Back to wall WC

Back to wall Bidet BO 04

BO 04

Back to wall Bidet

Wall hung WC  BO 18

BO 18

Wall hung WC

Wall hung Bidet  BO 19

BO 19

Wall hung Bidet

Close coupled cistern BO 01 + CT 09

BO 01 + CT 09

Close coupled cistern

Bath Tubs

Bath tub BO V1


Bath tub


Pop-up waste drainer PLCR


Pop-up waste drainer

Pop-up waste drainer PLCE


Pop-up waste drainer

Trap for washbasin SIF 165

SIF 165

Trap for washbasin

Trap for washbasin SIF 270

SIF 270

Trap for washbasin

Trap for Bidet SIF 125

SIF 125

Trap for Bidet