WAVE & charming color effect

WAVE & charming color effect

Decorating Washbasins which play with the colors and with the flavor of spring, to satisfy the desire of Nature.

A bathroom full of colors for any ambient, from the smallest to the biggest, from the private to the public. The collection, following the seasonal trend, offers a chromatic harmony which confers to the ambient a fancy touch but with no breaking the stylistic precepts.

Th bet on colors in ceramic has always been a trait for SIMAS, in fact all the recent basins collections like Wave, Agile, Sharp have available a wide and elegant range of colors with 13 different nuances, between glossy and matt finishing.

With rounded, oval, squared, rectangular shapes, for wall hung or countertop installation, the basins collection Wave by SIMAS and designed by the same SIMAS technical office, is characterized by the asymmetry on the internal bowl thanks to the soft grade of the frontal edge, which gives perspective of design deploying the center of the form, of the shape itself, which is perceived in a different way which enriches the primary vision.

Realized in fireclay with and extreme thins edge of 8 mm, Wave consists of 8 basins: 4 as countertop and 4 with single tap hole both for wall hung or countertop. 13 different colors with the matt finishing of White, Black, Anthracite, Tela, Mirto, Prugna, Navy, Sabbia, Cement, Pervinca, Moka, and glossy finishing white and Black, for a dynamic and complete collection. Even the click clacks wastes have the coordinated ceramic cover with the same finishing. WAVE by SIMAS 100% Italian quality granted by the Ceramics of Italy trademark.

NAVY is the color of the silence, of the calm and quiet, of the tenderness, of the love of life. It helps the contemplation and when the temperature goes up it brings a color fresh air which decreases the heartbeats. Symbol of eternal spirit motion, it is the immortality color for the Chinese culture.

CEMENTO, the color of the perfect neutrality between the shadow and the sunset, between the elegance and the distinction. Icon of the industrial progress which doesn’t leave spaces to the nature, it is the color of discretion, elegant and discreet with a marked intelligence.

MIRTO, sacred plant of the Gods, perfumed fragrance which fronds represent victory and ovation, it is favorite in the cuisine to spice meat, in the ambient and armchairs to perfume the clothes. Green, color of nature, of the spring reborn and hope. Relaxing and nonstress atmosphere.

PRUGNA, fruit with countless proprieties, rich of vitamins and minerals, which pulp is perfect for tasty sweet and jams. It’s a complex color, strong, but at the same time reflective, linked to the originality and smart, to the visionary thoughts, symbol of counterculture, nonconformism and artistic genius.

SABBIA, one of the trendy finishing of the season which reminds sweet and engaging tastes of the creams, of the typical Italian nuts ice cream, of the warm colors in the Safari style. This is absolutely a soft color, perfect in its creamy nuance which assures style and elegance in any ambient, a real concentrate of class, contemporary and not too invasive.