Small wash-hand basins are back

SIMAS 5 extra small....Small wash-hand basins are back, a stylefor any design!

For restorations, into living room open spaces, often behind original and important minimalist screens or elsewhere decoration is a masterpiece (wooden or marble mosaics, see-through glass-walls). For powder rooms, for which a small space is ingeniously recovered also in the smallest homes. For small rooms in hotels, b & b or co-housing when the space is not enough to have a bathroom in each room. For all those small corners, where functional and attractive solutions are needed: store, shops, studios, shared areas either in public and private housing…Simas, ceramics sanitary ware since 1955, is here. 5 different kinds of extra small wash basins, to meet requirements from the most different interior design needs, thus reaffirming that 100% made in Italy, also certified by the mark ‘Ceramics of Italy’ impressed on each piece. From classic to vintage as well as minimalist and ethno-chic, recovering ideas for those locations where many styles cohabit, drawing their characteristics from very different origins, adapting to peculiar senses and needs. A new way of imagining the space, even the smallest one, in a relentless exchange between design and functionality, where the small wash-hand basin becomes an objet d’art, expressing creativity and finding its own space inside the trendiest loft as well as in classic style locations. A contemporary re-make of the old style wash-hand basins.

It plays with the unique geometry of our ages: the round-shaped square. A vintage fascination. Design by Terri Pecora. Cm 31 and 34 wall-hung wash-hand basin.

Thanks to its absolute elegance, resilience and reliability it represents a challenge to time passages. In one word: the classic par excellence. Design by Simas Technical dept.  – cm 37 wall-hung wash-hand basin and cm 34 wall-hung corner wash-hand basin.

A successful evergreen intentionally influenced by the style of old London bathrooms, able to mix up in any context, either of classical style or not. Design by Simas Technical Dept. – cm 38 wall-hung wash-hand basin.

Minimalist style and dynamism, with square, oval, rectangular and round shapes. Creative and functional for any space. Design by Terri Pecora. Cm 39 square wall-hung basin and cm 40 round wall-hung basin.

Strong and sharp shapes, clear-cut corners for an essential and clear geometry for an unusual bathroom sculpture, who has become a real must. Design by Simas technical Dept. cm 43 wall-hung wash-hand basin.