SHARP always incredibly thin, signed by SIMAS

Sharp is a must for the countertop basins by SIMAS for the incomparable and incredibly thin edge of 3 mm, thanks to the production technology of the unusual vitreous china manufacturing, which deserved the honorable mention of ADI Ceramics Award, for the approved “High Quality” , only and unique recognition for an Italian producer of sanitary wares.

An innovative concept for the washbasins which enlarge the possibility of use within the modern bathrooms with limited dimensions, for the mutual use of the sharing for him/her, on countertop standard shelves, or as washbasin to be located both into private spaces and public ones.

SHARP, from clean and sinuous lines, recalls the manufacturing trough the lathe and the old washbowls, which edge is going to wear thin on the extremity, almost becoming a sharp slab. Lightweight basin, like a standard furnishing product, available with a wide range of colors which extend from the most classic white and glossy black, to the most contemporary matt finishing: white, black, anthracite, tela, cement, myrtle, moka, prugna, sand, periwinkle, navy blue.

SHARP, countertop basin with tap hole shelf, take its correct collocation on FRAME furniture also, with the frame metal structure, with easy opening drawers with floodlit elements, available for 105 cm and 180 cm and with finishing of White Matt, Grey Ashwood, Dark Oak finishing.

From the launch on 2015, Sharp guessed right collection of countertop basins with a minimal but dynamic design, born with a base of 50 cm, which become even smaller, with base 42 cm, and a uniformed height of 16 cm.

Sharp collection, where the rounded become squared, oval, rectangular, with tap hole shelf as well, and make itself taller, giving birth to the SH10. A countertop basin with a height of 44 cm and a bowl’s depth of 20 cm, which recalls the bucket image, but incredibly sophisticated and well-finished in its details. From the basin to a sink, is perfectly usable to answer the actual needs of the spaces, till arrive to the outdoor ones, for a lively philosophy of living which comes out both for the residential and the contract.

Simas spa, since 1955 Sanitary Wares producer from Civita Castellana, 100% Made in Italy, with the trademark “Ceramics of Italy”.