Modern Bathrooms: ever more eco-friendly

The last trends in bathroom design definitely meet Eco sustainability thanks to the search for original furniture and design products with materials and technologies ever more energy and water saving. The attention for the environment is also witnessed by the latest demand of amendment to the legislative Decree ‘Decreto Crescita’, presented  at the Commissione Bilancio of the Chamber of Deputies the amendment  will grant fiscal deductions also to the expenses for plumbing fixtures and sanitary ware with reduced water consumption.

Wall-hung WC and bidet BADEN BADEN by Simas

A proposal that, besides improving the water saving housing efficiency, also represents a growth driver for competitiveness and value of  ‘Made in Italy’ products on the international markets. SIMAS, a company 100% made in Italy, always keen on the market evolution and on the needs of the most demanding consumers, enriched its offer of toilets with rimless technology in the ranges ‘Simas Design’ BADEN BADEN (all collections) collections FLOW and VIGNONI (only wall hung WC), and ‘Simas Classico’, collections ARCADE and LANTE (only wall hung WC).

SIMAS is water friendly paying the utmost attention to reduce water consumption in the flushing of its toilets, maintaining all of them widely below the minimum rate fixed by the European norms.

Any Italian consumes on average 250 liters of water per day. These consumptions are also associated to huge energy consumptions. Thirty percent of this amount depends on water closets, the remaining part on the kind of faucets used. The water closets and the faucets installed in the Italian houses often have low efficiency levels due to their obsolescence: only 51% of the closets were installed after 1990, 17% dates back before 1970. The new products are designed to reduce the water consumption, bringing it from 15 liters to 6 liters per flushing or less (font Assobagno of FederlegnoArredo).