How to choose washbasins and sanitary wares for your bathroom, with SIMAS

In modern bathrooms or in bathrooms with an old-fashioned look, washbasins and sanitary wares with a reduced water flush, which are able to combine functionality and design. The choice of the washbasins for the bathroom must take into account the size of the bathroom in its entireness, from the distribution of the spaces to the functionality of the individual pieces, in addition considering the design and style that you want to give to the new bathroom. If you want a place to live in complete freedom and in line with contemporary trends, a useful, quick and inexpensive idea could be to renovate the washbasin and the sanitary wares for your bathroom, choosing the models that meet your needs better. Today the market offers many shapes and sizes of washbasins for the bathroom and sanitary wares in many new trendy finishing, with safe materials and great performances. A proposal comes from the recent design collections designed by SIMAS, like AGILE, washbasins for the bathroom in 13 different sizes, SHARP, with the incomparable edge of the very thin washbasin of only 3mm, and WAVE, washbasins for the bathroom with the asymmetrical internal bowl in round, oval, square or rectangular. All collections that offer a wide range of shapes and sizes and a trendy chromatic selection, of 13 shades, from the glossy white and glossy black, to the finishing in White Matt, Black Matt, Anthracite Matt, Tela Matt, Cemento Matt,  with coordinated colored ceramic drains. Washbasins for the bathroom which, thanks to their versatility in design, dimensions and colors, perfectly suitable with the BADEN BADEN, LFT SPAZIO and VIGNONI, sanitary wares collections. Wall hung sanitary wares or floor mounted sanitary wares, in which all the WC, with  water flush for only 4.5 liters, are back to wall, with Rimless System, for a huge water saving, superior hygiene and easier cleaning.

Quality, elegance and uniqueness distinguish SIMAS collections, ceramic sanitary wares producer since 1955, 100% made in Italy, granted by trademark Ceramics of Italy.